After the previous meeting in August the President Mr. Mark Quaglia announced that he would step down from the September meeting as he had previously stated at the beginning of his tenure and remain as a committee member for the remainder of the Com.It.Es term. This was a promise and view he and the committee at the time made in order to promote a positive rotation mid-way and allow other members of the group take up more senior roles.{...}

Ms Martina Matta is our new Vice-President and Secretary, Ms Gianna Vorrasi remains as Treasurer and Mr Michael Donato fulfills the final executive position.{...}

Com.It.Es South Australia Members
President – Christian Verdicchio
Vice President & Secretary – Martina Matta
Treasurer – Gianna Vorrasi
Exec Member – Michael Donato
Hon Tony Piccolo MP
Mark Quaglia
Alessandro Ragazzo
Andrea Ramon
Antonio Rosato
Prof Angela Scarino